Fortran Cirkit Electronics is dedicated to providing the best quality of printed circuit boards for your professional needs

We specialize in state of the art multi layered pcbs.

Our record is 22 Layers and we regularly manufacture intricate 18 layer and 20 layer boards.

Sophisticated 16 and 18 layered boards with both blind via and buried via have been manufactured for defence projects.

Teflon boards, Multilayered Polyamides, Metal Core boards with Copper Invar Copper, Edge Plated Multi layered boards and flexi rigid multilayers are other specialities.

We are the World Number One in Anodized Aluminium Bonded multi layer printed circuit boards with bond strength exceeding several times that of the plated copper on epoxy.

Other Specifications:

Minimum Parameters:

0.35 mm finished hole diameter

6 mil track and spacing


ISO 9001:2000


Major Clients:

Bharat Electronics, ISRO, Hindustan Aeronautics

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